DC Strain Gage In-Line Amplifier-Series AP5202

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The series AP5202 is an in-line DC amplifier. It is designed to provide variable bridge excitation and signal conditioning for the following Stellar Technology products:

• Strain gauged mV/V pressure transducers
• Load cells
• Force sensors
• Reaction torque transducers

Series AP5202 Product Information

The AP5202 provides up to 10V output or 4-20 mA output with transducer signals from 10 mV to 10V. This in-line amplifier accepts both uni-polar to bi-polar input signals and can produce corresponding uni-polar and bi-polar voltage outputs. Current outputs are uni-polar. The series AP5202 provides variable transducer bridge excitation of 3V to 10V.

The following are also provided:

  • Excitation
  • Coarse gain
  • Fine gain
  • Fine zero adjustment

In addition, the capability of connecting remotely to an internal shunt calibration resistor is provided. All connections are made using screw-terminals mounted inside the AP5202’s durable aluminum enclosure. The aluminum enclosure has an IP65 ingress protection rating.

DC Strain Gauge Amplifier Standard Features

Standard features for the series AP5202 include:

  • Compatibility with full bridge strain gauge transducers
  • Rugged IP65 aluminum enclosure
  • Variable bridge excitation of 3V to 10V
  • Voltage and current outputs
  • The ability to accept both uni-polar and bi-polar inputs
  • Internal shunt calibration resistor
  • Internal gain and zero adjustments