4-20 mA Hazardous Location Pressure Transmitter-Series GT2450

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The GT2450 Series of pressure transmitters is an ATEX approved intrinsically safe electronics package, which can be integrally added to our standard 4-20mA devices. Represented as its own product series as the GT2450, it allows all of our standard mechanical configurations to be utilized. This not only allows us to maintain years of field-use data but to implement new configurations by developing “application—solutions” as you, our customers, demand.

Areas of applications where these hazardous location pressure transmitters can be of assistance include, but are not limited to:

Gage/Absolute/Compound/Vacuum & Differential Configuration for:

  • Submersible applications
  • Offshore drilling/production applications
  • Oilfield drilling, production, & MWD applications
  • Sanitary applications
  • Flush mounting applications
  • OEM customization
  • Barometric correction
  • NACE compatibility in harsh environments
  • Plant automation

Make Stellar Technology your pressure transducer manufacturer to obtain versatile and robust products for varied applications.

• Intrinsically Safe
• ATEX Certified Ex ia IIC T4 Ga
• Rugged Strain Gage Technology
• Reliable Long Term Stability
• Digital Electronics
• Resolution: .025% FSO
• Low Sensitivity to Shock & Vibration

• Customer Specified Electrical Connector
• Customer Specified Pressure Port
• Alternate Materials of Construction
• Magnetic Zero
• Dual I.S. Pressure & Temperature Circuits
• Increased Temperature Capability
• Increased Accuracy