Versatile Digital Pressure Sensors for Every Industry

Industrial1As a leading manufacturer of pressure sensors, Stellar Technology is sure to have the exact model you need for your company’s applications.

With the unique, unparalleled combination of engineering expertise, proven sensor technology, field experience and manufacturing capability, Stellar Technology is your company’s best source for digital pressure sensors.

Get the Right Digital Pressure Sensor for Your Application

In order to provide high performance equipment for our varied clients, we manufacture all types of pressure sensors, including:

  • General Purpose Pressure Transducers and Transmitters
  • Differential Pressure Transducers and Transmitters
  • Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transducers and Transmitters
  • Aerospace Pressure Transducers and Transmitters
  • Data Logger Pressure Transmitters
  • High Capacity/Fatigue Rated Pressure Transducers and Transmitters
  • Hazardous Certification Pressure Transducers and Transmitters
  • Submersible Pressure Transmitters
  • Oil & Gas Pressure Transducers and Transmitters
  • Dual Output Pressure-Temperature Transducers and Transmitters

If you do not find the sensor you need here, Stellar Technology will work with your company to create a custom digital pressure sensor that meets your exact application needs.

Learn More about Our Digital Pressure Sensors

With custom manufacturing and exceptional customer service – including technical support, on-site assistance and responsive service even after the sale – there is no reason to go anywhere else for your pressure transducers and transmitters.

To learn more about our digital pressure sensors and what they can do for your company, be sure to contact Stellar Technology today.

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