An Unparalleled LVDT Manufacturer

LVDT-CategoryLVDT units from Stellar TechnologyWith a wide variety of sensors that can handle any type of environment, Stellar Technology is your source for all of your LVDT needs.

LVDT sensors are designed to be extremely adaptive and ideal for use in extreme environments.

With that in mind, you want to work with an LVDT manufacturer that is known for producing reliable sensors that get the job done, even in the most rigorous of applications.

Enter Stellar Technology.

A Step Above Other LVDT Manufacturers

Used worldwide in gaging and monitoring of assembly processes, valve position, resistance weld stroke, oil and well drilling equipment, mining equipment, pavement studies and more, our LVDTs are models of consistency in the industry.

Fully welded and constructed of stainless steel, our LVDT sensors are available in AC or DC versions and will accurately measure position and displacement within stroke ranges of ±0.01” to ±18.5”with accuracies of 0.25% to 0.5%FS. Non-linearity is 1% to 0.10%.

Our line of available LVDT sensors include:

  • Precision Gaging LVDTs
  • Miniature LVDTs
  • Long Stroke LVDTs
  • Short Stroke LVDTs
  • Submersible LVDT
  • Subsea LVDTs
  • LVDT accessories (including mounting blocks)

We also manufacture a selection of DIN-rail mount signal conditioners to complement our AC/AC LVDTs.

Work With the Best LVDT Manufacturer in the Industry

No matter the application – including being submerged in sea water, temperatures up to 1100°F, pressures up to 30,000psi and radioactive environments – an LVDT sensor from Stellar Technology will always produce the results you need.

To find the right LVDT sensor for your applications, be sure to contact us today.

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