16 Advantages of Our Hammer Union Pressure Transducers

hammer union pressure transducer

Our line of hammer union pressure transducers has been utilized by a diverse range of industries, helping to streamline and optimize essential operations. Let’s take a moment to look at how our hammer union pressure transducers can benefit your business today.

  1. Successfully field-tested by well service companies
  2. Proven performance and reliability in shale formation fracturing applications
  3. All units come standard with shock and vibration protection
  4. EMI/RFI immunity designed within the units
  5. All welded stainless-steel design, meaning no fasteners to vibrate loose
  6. One-piece Inconel male sub and sensor diaphragm
  7. Compliance with NACE standard MR0175(ISO15156)
  8. Available in WECO®1502, 2202, 2002 configurations
  9. Robust electrical receptacles designed for upstream oil/gas applications
  10. All electrical receptacles are bolt-on (with O-ring seal) or welded
  11. No zero and span pots to allow for moisture ingress
  12. Standard carrying handle designed for WECO® nut to slip over
  13. Complete repair/recalibration service
  14. Intrinsically safe certifications from both CSA and DVN (for ATEX)
  15. More comprehensive calibration record
  16. Ranges in stock in multiple locations for off-the-shelf delivery

As you can see, hammer union pressure transducers from LORD Sensing-Stellar Technology offer an impressive array of features and worthwhile attributes which makes them a vital addition to your operations.

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